Terplast Nowe Technologie

Leader in plastics processing in Poland


Terplast Nowe Technologie

Terplast Nowe Technolgie sp. z o.o. (TNT) accompanied with Terplast Sp. z o.o. and Agropoli Sp. z o.o. constitutes a privately owned corporate group.

Currently group asset comprises three production facilities, leading plastic processing sector in Poland. The group employs around 200 specialists. Majority of production is exported to roughly 20 different countries. TNT focuses on maintaining synergy between the companies in the key operation areas, as well as exploring new commitments (e.g. IoT) and increasing group asset (e.g. M&A).

Terplast Nowe Technologie


  • 2018 Production and management consolidation

    Production and management consolidation into a single site at Mickiewicza 2 str. in Sieradz due to opening of new production and office facilities
  • 2016 Terplast Nowe Technologie LLC and corporate group Estalishement

  • 2004 Acquisition of Agro-Poli LLC company

    In Stróża near Kraśnik
  • 1999 Acquisition of Chemitex plant

    In Sochaczew
  • 1998 Commissioning of second processing plant

    In Sieradz
  • 1994 Conversion to Terplast LLC

  • 1984 Terplast Plastic Processing Plant establishment

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